Fit Pleasure

Gwen Butler LCSW is a Sex Therapist and Educator specializing in Individual, Couples, and Group Counseling.  With a Private Practice in Long Island, New York Gwen Butler offers a permission-based, strength-based, spiritual-based, and complete-health-approach to discovering the next level of sexual healing, growth and potential.  Passionate about the mental and sexual health of all vagina-owners, identified as ‘woman’ or not, of all backgrounds, orientations, and faiths, and their partners who share intimately and genuinely with them. Gwen Butler offers the healing and guidance that can only come from the empowerment of personal process and personal touch.

About Indulge:
Indulge is an invitation to intimately engage the most significant individual in your love life…You! The mindful and erotic sensual indulgences in this book are designed to connect you with your sensual, sexual, erotic self, which in turn will increase self-intimacy, self-connection, and self-love. A sexually fulfilling experience begins with a personal love relationship with your sexual self first. And now I invite you…to Indulge.

I am committed to the transforming power of self-love for every individual, for the purposes of sexual health and pleasure in eroticism and sensuality. My mission is to bring self-love and mindfulness together in harmonious erotic explosion
-Gwen Butler, LCSW