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Real Life

Its morning, my alarm goes off, and I feel like I just went to bed. Wait a minute… it not the alarm clock, but the sound of my twin son’s voice that is asking me questions about whether or not he is going to be walking home from school today. He starts his day at 5:30 am and I guess that is what time I start my day too.

For many, our “real life” is full of rushing from the moment our alarm goes off in the morning until we go to bed at night. What happens throughout the day sometimes can seem like one well-orchestrated continuous blur. Our daily routines barely gives up time to eat and take the necessary trip to the restroom. Maybe your planner is overbooked with a “to do list” that you can’t complete, or maybe you enjoy checking off each box when a task is completed, but there is no denying that each day is a “juggling act” of work, family, personal, health and wellness interests, that demand your attention. Either way we are talking about real life, developing and maintaining health lifestyles.

My life is not as perfect as some might think and some people think that I have it “all together”, but that is their perception, and unfortunately not my reality. My reality is that I am a daughter, sister, wife, mom, physician, entrepreneur and a child of God. I face the same issues and go through the same trials and tribulations as you do. I am not perfect and neither is my life but I am enjoying every single minute of it.

So whether you wake because of your alarm clock, internal clock, family member, or some other life stimulant, I welcome you to “Real Life”. Yours, mine, ours, we can get through it together.