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Real Health

When was the last time you had an appointment with your doctor for your annual physical exam? Unfortunately, not as regularly as you should. Generally, we make sure that we take the time to go for a manicure/pedicure or a visit to see our favorite stylist, but we keep putting off making our appointment to see our physician. Remember, our physical appearance is just as important as to what is going on inside our body – mentally and spiritually. I like say that we look amazing but do we feel amazing too.

Since becoming a physician, I see what drives a majority of people to head to the doctor when a life changing event occurs. Sometimes, it is the birth of a child that makes a father realize that he now has someone that is depending on him or it may be when a sibling or a close friend gets a diagnosis like Diabetes, Hypertension or Cancer. My mom grew up playing basketball even in college but it took her to have stroke to get her to start an exercise routine even though her husband of fifty plus years was an avid bike rider.

The phase, “Health is Wealth”, rings true for many employers who now have gyms at the work place or give paid time off for employees who go for their annual physicals or blood work. If employees are happy and healthy that will help with productivity of the workforce and provide a nontoxic environment.

Real Health is knowing that if you are not healthy that you cannot do anything for yourself or anyone else. It is taking the time to make sure that you are “Mentally Fit and Physically Strong” and able to do all of the things that you want to do!